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Vines grown naturally without weed killers or chemicals.

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Cellier Baraterie Poteau VignesThe village of Cruet is located in the East of France, more precisely in the wine region of Savoie, on the sunny side of the right bank of the Isere between Albertville and Chambéry.

This vineyard is recognized Geopark by UNESCO.

Several fortresses dominate the village, including the castle of Verdun former 13th century castle which stands above the hamlet of Baraterie.

Below, the "Château de la Rive", a former 13th century Fortress house, dominates the Isère, and in the hamlet of Chaney, a 14th century fortified house overlooks a vineyard in Jacquère.

The vault is located in an old village of Cruet named La Baraterie. This is where his name comes from : "The Cellar of the Baraterie".

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The Cellar of the Baraterie had its first vintage in 2014.

The entire vineyard is grown according to the specifications of the BIO agriculture.

I only use mineral and vegetable matter.

The management of the grass is treated with the brushcutter at the feet of the vines and the plow between the rows.

The disbudding season arrives manually and then the lifting.

At the harvest, the grapes are picked by hand, and vinified without sulphites until bottling using indigenous yeasts from the grapes.

A certain amount is aged in barrels and another in vats, then the bottling takes place by myself in the vault, except for the effervescent.

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